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AHG Raises the Bar for Wellness with Niyama

AHG Raises the Bar for Wellness with Niyama

The past year we have learned the importance of taking a step back and rest in order to excel moving forward. During this prolonged season of stress, rest is even more essential, and yet much harder to attain consistently. Being mindful of our health and wellness is fundamental during overwhelming times. AHG recognizes these things and aims to bring our trademark excellence to creating a path towards holistic and sustainable wellness.

Enter the Niyama Wellness Center at Anya Resort Tagaytay.

Dedicated to improving overall wellness, the Niyama Wellness Center is built upon a holistic approach that looks after the Mind, Body, and Soul. The entire atmosphere and environment is built for rest, healing, and relaxation, all to carry you afresh to back to conquering the world. Excellence and quality is key to every service and every material used in guiding each guest to their personal path to wellness. With the various outstanding partners, AHG opens up your own personal path to wellness, not just to retreat to individual comfort, but also to have the courage and peace of mind to work hard together moving forward.

First ever at Anya Resort is our very own Niyama Spa, where various massage therapies are handled by skilled therapists employing the best techniques and using the finest materials. From oils, to scents, to scrubs, to masks, high quality natural and organic materials are used to color the complete spa experience. With your Mind refreshed and Body relaxed from a session, you can think about how to maintain a lifestyle of wellness moving forward.

AHG’s partnership are able to do just that. Besides traditional massage therapies, new technology is able to help our Body in its journey towards wellness. Niyama Wellness Center boasts the use of the Vital Dome: a therapeutic infrared technology manufactured in France making its way to Anya Resort. Vital Dome’s Far Infrared Rays penetrate deep into the skin, safely raising body temperature and allowing the body to sweat out harmful toxins and impurities.

Along with this, LifeScience and their dedicated Care Team of Functional Medicine doctors and practitioners will guide you towards a lifestyle of health and wellness that you can maintain. A consultation can start with specialized diets, exercise routines, or mental health assessments to help shape your daily commitment to a healthy life. Their approach focuses on the root causes of many chronic diseases and symptoms that can affect our overall well being everyday. Niyama Wellness Center is the starting point of a wellness journey and having a healthy and functional Body will help sustain it.

Finally, along with our Mind and Body, our Soul is a part of our wellness journey. AHG has worked with Dr. Lia S. Bernardo, one of the country's leading experts on personal growth and development, to be a guide for each guest to find a sense of self and wholeness. The Experience Your Wholeness Retreat is one of the ways guests at Anya Resort have been provided with the resources they need towards nurturing self-love and mindfulness. With all these things, the Niyama Wellness Center is a place for holistic care and development, that aims to improve each person's quality of life from every personal aspect.

The Niyama Wellness Center has made its home first in Anya Resort Tagaytay along with its excellent partners. In this path towards wellness, AHG stays committed to finding ways to further improve and add to the services that guests will enjoy. Like our personal and individual growth, AHG's Niyama Wellness Center is a brand dedicated to growth and learning. With future partnerships and properties to expand to, the Niyama Wellness Center will make way for more people to start their journey towards holistic wellness.