Hotel Management


Your Safety, Our Priority
Have a safe stay – we’ve got you covered

Your Safety, Our Priority

The following Covid-19 protocols have been implemented in all our properties for your safety and peace of mind.

Safety Standards for Staff

Our staff are trained and regularly updated regarding Covid-19 measures and implementation. All staff are required to wear PPEs at all times, and to practice frequent hand-washing and sanitation.

Staff who have been exposed to patients or PUIs will need to undergo standard quarantine protocol and obtain medical clearance before reporting for work. You can be assured that each of our staff is healthy and well-equipped to serve you.

In Anya Resorts Tagaytay for example, we even have virtual assistants to limit physical contact, while still providing warm and efficient service.

Sanitation Protocols

Every area in our properties will be safe and welcoming to all guests. A disinfecting mat will be positioned at every entry point and hand sanitizers will be available in various locations within the resorts and hotels. Frequent sanitation will be conducted for high-touch areas. Guests who check in will also be provided with sanitation kits, containing items such as a hand sanitizer and a face mask.

After each checkout, we implement disinfecting and sanitizing procedures catered to each of our properties. We ensure that each room is disinfected and sanitized well before our guests begin their stay. High-touch items such as keycards, pens, chairs, and keypads are also disinfected after each guest's checkout.

Guest Monitoring

Before making their way to our properties, guests must first accomplish the necessary travel requirements depending on the city/municipality they will be headed to. Documents like health declaration forms and negative test results must be given upon arrival.

As of now, the guidelines set by the Tagaytay LGU does not permit those who are under the age 15 or over the age 65 in all establishments, including Anya Resorts Tagaytay. For Club Punta Fuego and Crusoe Cabins/Aquaria Waterpark on the other hand, guests of all ages may come and enjoy their stay. As our endeavor for a safer and healthier environment continues, these guidelines will change, and we'll be ready to adapt to cater to all of our guest's needs.

Upon arrival, guests will undergo temperature checks before entry. To aid with monitoring guest movement for contact tracing, QR codes will be available to be scanned for the guests to fill up forms. Paper forms will also be available for each guest's convenience.

QR codes will also give the guests access to the various menus and compendiums in each property. The effective use of technology will help us minimize contact during our stay.

Ways to Stay Safe

Safety is after all everyone's responsibility. At AHG, we create an environment in each of our properties where health and safety is something everyone can be involved in.

Key locations in our properties will have floor markers to help you maintain safe physical distancing at all times. We encourage our guests to avail of room service over eating in public, although if you must dine in our restaurants, additional space is allotted between tables and chairs to maintain physical distancing even as you enjoy your meal. For these reasons, buffet services have also been suspended for the time being.

Guests will be asked to wear face masks and face shields when they are outside their room. Face masks and sanitation kits will be available for guests during their stay. We want to ensure that you, other guests, and our staff are ready and well equipped to protect their health and safety.

Should you have any questions about sanitation procedures or health protocols, you can easily reach us and stay posted at our different social media pages. All this is to create a safe haven where your worries can't reach you.

Your safety is our priority.

Thank you for your support. Together we can keep our spaces safe and sanitized.