True to our spirit of service, AHG Hotels and Resorts is committed to giving back to our people, the society, and our planet. We do our part in improving our community’s quality of life through our various projects.

I Choose Green

The I Choose Green program is our commitment to sustainable practices both big and small. Internal improvements such as regularly evaluating and adjusting our water and electricity usage, to changes noticeable by guests such as paperless check-ins and biodegradable packaging — all to consistently elevate our environmental standards.

This program sets an example for all our team members, guests, and partner companies. More than just raising awareness, the I Choose Green program of AHG Hotels and Resorts serves to make a mark of commitment to preserving the environment by taking necessary steps.

Our guests will notice the use of earth-friendly cutleries and containers, effective waste management, and the elimination of single use plastics, alongside other community projects that campaign for sustainable practices.

I Choose Green is more than just one company’s effort to contribute to sustaining the environment.

You can join in as well and #ChooseGreenWithAHG.

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Sustainability, when done holistically, is attractive and noteworthy.

More than adopting environmentally benefiting practices, sustainability is a part of a company’s culture. Sustainability celebrates diversity and does not tolerate discrimination and inequalities caused by different social backgrounds.

This program creates a culture that fosters a healthy physical and social environment for all.

Part of welcoming our guests to Anya Resort Tagaytay is serving our signature Anisha drink. Guests will be greeted by our signature drink in glass bottles for a safe and sustainable welcome using local pineapples, mint leaves, and honey.

We also do away with plastic laundry bags that are dangers to the environment. Instead, guests will find fabric laundry bags in their suites that are both stylish and reusable for their next visit to Anya.

One major innovation is our app – Ask Anya, and Anya Delivers. Check-ins, check-outs, restaurant menus, and more can all be done through the app.  This allows us to go paperless and contactless.

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AHG Tree Planting for Adopt A Tree Campaign

Our team members have enthusiastically participated in PH Parks and Biodiversity educational activities at their reforestation site on Mt. Balabag at Ipo Watershed, in partnership with Eco Explorations and Forest Foundation Ph.

Environmental awareness is a regular part of AHG’s Hotels and Resorts’ training towards advocating for nature conservation.

We have pledged for Adopt-A-Tree and Support-A-Ranger programs by promoting this in our managed properties.  These are testaments that we can all make an impact together in our own special ways.

You can also support this project through our partner, Philippine Parks and Biodiversity Organization.

#IpoWatershed #MtBalagbag #MountBalagbag #SaveSierraMadre

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Environmental Sustainability Measures at Anya Resort Tagaytay

At Anya Resort Tagaytay, we do our utmost not just in giving back to our people but also to the planet. We try to minimize our carbon footprint and apply responsible and environmental-friendly hospitality practices to our operations.

We use biodegradable and recyclable materials for tablewares and cleaning . If we happen to have excess materials, we donate items such as usable linens and other amenities to NGOs like Chosen Children. Our fruits, vegetables, and herbs are locally grown by Tagaytay farmers and artisans and through our own garden to help the local community, promote sufficiency and food security.

Our sustainability efforts are in compliance with the Certified Energy Conservation Officer (CECO) and Certified Energy Conservation Manager (CECM). Permits from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) are also processed.

We have also enrolled with non-government sectors for sustainability guidance and actively participate in hotel sustainability initiatives.  Anya Resort Tagaytay has recently passed the business sustainability evaluation of Good Travel Scan for its contrubition for sustainable tourism.

With this, we are committed to going green for the greater good of today, and tomorrow.

Presidential Dinners at Anya Resort

To promote cultural and heritage tourism, Fundación Santiago has partnered with Anya Resort Tagaytay to bring a thematic Presidential Dinner series, with its proceeds donated to their initiatives.

These meaningful, interactive dinners and warm conversations are held in Anya for a good cause as we journey down memory lane to commemorate our country’s former presidents by revisiting unforgettable memoirs, celebrated encounters, and dishes close to their hearts.

These efforts contribute to the AHG’s sustainability projects that is consistent & coherent with its vision & mission.

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September Coastal Clean Up Day
For the International Coastal Clean Up Day, our seaside properties, Club Punta Fuego and Amara Residences have teamed up with

Save The Seas Foundation of the Punta Fuego Village Association.

Keeping our coasts clean is a daily effort but days like this help us raise awareness, gather support, and get more people involved in caring for our beautiful beaches.

Annual Turtle Run at Club Punta Fuego
Every year, we lace up our shoes and run to promote healthy oceans for future generations the Punta Fuego Turtle Run.

This fun activity is organized by the Punta Fuego Village Foundation, aiming to raise funds for our Save the Oceans Environmental Program.

This event will support our turtle conservation project and Balaytigue Bantay Dagat operations, as part of AHG’s I Choose Green sustainability program.

Turtle Release in the Fuego beaches
Green sea turtle hatchlings find their way home to the big, wide ocean as we release them at Long Beach in Peninsula de Punta Fuego.

Club Punta Fuego is doing their part in conserving these precious gems of wildlife and supporting our natural environment. Releasing these young turtles into the sea is just one part of the Save the Oceans Program of the Punta Fuego Village Foundation.

Along with this, we relocate sea turtle nests, as well as educate locals, village residents and Club Punta Fuego members on how to protect them from poaching.

As the next generation inherits this beautiful world, we make a big effort to involve young, local children by teaching the importance of sea turtle preservation and caring for the environment.

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With the scholarship programs of Roxas Foundation, Inc. (RFI) and with the help of our partners, Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. and Central Azucarera Don Pedro, education is made more accessible. We provide educational opportunities to young individuals who are being equipped to make the world a better place.

Tulong Aral
Supports 98 high school beneficiaries and 11 elementary beneficiaries in Nasugbu and La Carlota.

Scholarship program with Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc
Supports 323 college beneficiaries in Western Batangas

Escuela Socio Deportiva
Social Inclusion, Values Formation & Academic Excellence through the practice of football with 300 elementary beneficiaries in Nasugbu and La Carlota.

One of the development programs that RFI would like to implement in the future is the Environmentally Friendly Socialized Housing. Twenty-eight (28) units of 48 sqm house and lot that uses solar panels are to be built for low-income families. This is in partnership with Base Bahay/Hilti Foundation in Nasugbu.

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